Personal/Relationship Growth Model

    Our personal growth model focuses on developing your potential identifying your strengths and desired outcome rather than simply diagnosing and treating ​an illness.

The personal growth model has three focus levels:

    Level 1: Crisis Management and Recovery
    Level 2: Repairing the foundation and realign with new vision.
    Level 3: Optimal living - Achieving your potential personally and performance         enhancement in your profession

    You​ may begin your work any focus level for support, mentoring, and coaching.   Whether you  are struggling with depression, anxiety; self sabotaging behaviors, or focusing on self development, or perfomance enhancement, as a personal growth specialist I collaborate with you to achieve your goal.

    We use a client-centered approach to therapy and coaching  and we utilize a wide range of helping tools including traditional as well as cutting edge techniques.

    We work with:
    Individuals: adults and teens
    Groups, Schools, Churches, and Businesses

    Services offered:
    Psychotherapy - Focus levels one and two
    Premarital Inventory and Counseling - (Prepare/Enrich Inventory)​
    Couples Relationship Enrichment Inventory
    ​Coaching - Focus level three
    Workshops and classes
    Retreats and presentations

    I schedule appointments Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. by appointment only. Sessions are online, by phone or skype, or at your home within a certain radius.  If the weather permits, I also offer sessions with clients while walking around Lake Elizabeth.   I am happy to create statements for you to bill your insurance company if appropriate.

Services Offered
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    ​​I am inspired by helping individuals move from chaos to confidence and couples to transition from crisis to co-creation. People seek help at different stages and levels of need in their life so I provide an option for you to work with me at the level you are seeking.