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"I have so appreciated the gentle way that you guided me in the right direction. You alwayssuggested a different way of looking at a situation when I got off the rightpath. I credit my work with you for helping me get off of anti-depressants after10 years, and my physical health has improved right along with my mentalhealth." -  LM
“I wanted to thank you for helping me on my  journey.  I was once a very broken spirit but you kept the light shining,  and I'm eternally grateful to you for  that.”  -  LF

      "When I first came to see you I felt very depressed and not motivated to do anything. I felt that my life was in chaos and I had no control over any area. I felt very anxious that I would get overwhelmed with all the issues I had to deal with in counseling. ​
      "You helped me recognize and understand new ways of approaching each of my problems and I acquired a different perspective that provided relief to my anxiety. I am no longer depressed but I am excited about my future." –  AT

      "I was a wreck when I started working with you. I was fighting anxiety and depression and having panic attacks. Life felt very overwhelming. I was carrying a lot of anger. You helped me learn to set boundaries and to negotiate to get things done thus releasing some of my anger. It was nice to have someone to talk with who didn't judge me and was able to show me a different way of looking at my life." -  D

Individual Testimonials
Couples Testimonials
June brought outstanding insight into the counseling/coaching process that we had with her.  Her questions brought clarity to our thought processes as we worked through some difficult situations at home.  She helped us 'discover' the solutions for ourselves rather than spoon-feeding us with advice and pat answers. - C&C  

My husband and I love the way June has brought us closer together.  And after 25 years of marriage, that’s saying a lot!  June’s  gift is to see beyond the surface of a person and  to lovingly and gently remove the road blocks that keep us stuck in the past.  She helped our marriage immensely, giving us a fresh look at what is real and what is possible. Anyone who works with June will discover the potential of their marriage and how wonderful it can be. No matter how long they've been married or what they're going through right now.  ​​- E&W